The Best of FYFD 2019

A red-wing blackbird's song appears as a series of ghostly vortex rings

2019 was an even busier year than last year! I spent nearly two whole months traveling for business, gave 13 invited talks and workshops, and produced three FYFD videos. I also published more than 250 blog posts and migrated all 2400+ of them to a new site. And, according to you, here are the top 10 FYFD posts of the year:

  1. The perfect conditions make birdsong visible
  2. Pigeons are impressive fliers
  3. The water anole’s clever method of breathing underwater
  4. 100 years ago, Boston was flooded with molasses
  5. The BZ reaction is some of nature’s most beautiful chemistry
  6. The labyrinthine dance of ferrofluid
  7. 360-degree splashes
  8. The extraordinary flight of dandelion seeds
  9. Dye shows what happens beneath a wave
  10. Bees do the wave to frighten off predators

Nature makes a strong showing in this year’s top posts with five biophysics topics. FYFD videos also had a good year: both my Boston Molasses Flood video and dandelion flight video made the top 10!

If you’d like to see more great posts like these, please remember that FYFD is primarily supported by readers like you. You can help support the site by becoming a patronmaking a one-time donation, or buying some merch. Happy New Year!

(Image credits: birdsong – K. Swoboda; pigeon take-off – BBC Earth; water anole – L. Swierk; Boston molasses flood – Boston Public Library; BZ reaction – Beauty of Science; ferrofluid – M. Zahn and C. Lorenz; splashes – Macro Room; dandelion – N. Sharp; dyed wave – S. Morris; bees – Beekeeping International)

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