Beijing 2022: Monobob

A competitor in monobob.

Bobsleigh, as a discipline, has been dominated in recent years by teams seeking every aerodynamic advantage to shave hundredths of a second off their runs. So it’s fascinating that the newest event in the discipline — the women-only monobob — cuts away that secretive part of the sport by permitting sleds from only one manufacturer. Every athlete competes in an identical sled. Not only that, they swap sleds between runs based on their times! So the fastest athlete from the first run will switch sleds with whomever had the slowest time.

The event’s rules refocus the competition on athletic performance and skill rather than incentivizing countries who can afford to spend more money on wind tunnel testing and F1 design companies. That’s a great step toward leveling the playing field. I can’t wait to watch! (Image credit: OIS)

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