Particle-Tracking in Granular Flows

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One of the challenges of experimental fluid dynamics is gathering sufficient data in environments that can be fast-changing, visually dense, and sometimes harsh. Ideally, researchers want to gather as much data–velocities, temperatures, pressures–at as many points as possible and do so without disturbing the flow with a probe. No technique can provide everything, and thus new diagnostics are always under development. This video shows a new particle tracking method developed for fluidized granular flows where the high concentration of particles makes other techniques unsuitable. Such flows are often seen in industrial applications in chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, and powder transport. Interestingly, the technique can also be used in particle-seeded fluid flows like those normally studied with particle image velocimetry (PIV). (Video credit: F. Shaffer and B. Gopalan; submitted by @ASoutolglesias)

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