The Best of FYFD 2021

A superior mirage shows a tanker ship appearing to float in the sky.

A year ago I observed what a strange year 2020 had been, and in many ways, I could say the same of 2021. Before the pandemic, I spent quite a lot of time traveling. In 2021, the only nights I slept outside my own bed came on a long weekend up to the mountains with my family. But 2021 also saw a bit of a return to normalcy – I was giving keynote addresses and workshops again, albeit virtually. What will 2022 hold? Who knows?!

As per tradition, here are the top FYFD posts of 2021:

  1. A superior mirage leaves a ship floating in mid-air
  2. Drone videos of sheep herding are mesmerizing
  3. Permeable pavement allows water to drain
  4. The slow and dreamy fluid landscape of “Le Temps et l’Espace”
  5. What do you do when you’re an insect researcher with a high-speed camera?
  6. Satellite images… or paint?
  7. The intricate lacework of the Venus’s flower basket sea sponge
  8. Building a Bluetooth speaker with ferrofluid music visualization
  9. Finding the acoustics of Stonehenge
  10. Making butter by traditional French methods

It’s an eclectic mix of topics this year: bizarre phenomena, stunning art, archaeological exploration, and a touch of biophysics!

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(Image credits: mirage – D. Morris, sheep – L. Patel, pavement – Practical Engineering, Le Temps – T. Blanchard, insects – Ant Lab, Satellike – R. De Giuli, sea sponge – G. Falcucci et al., speaker – DAKD Jung, Stonehenge – T. Cox et al., butter – Art Insider)

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