“Dance Dance”

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Artist Thomas Blanchard is no stranger to fluid dynamics. His previous short films focused on mixtures of oil and paint, but in “Dance Dance,” flowers are front and center. There are obvious splashes of color and clouds of diffusion toward the end of the video, but fluid dynamics are there throughout. The oozing, inexorable march of ice crystallizing over petals and leaves has a fluidity that’s heightened by timelapse. It’s a reminder that this phase change is unsteady and full of shifts too subtle to notice in real-time. In the second act, we see flowers blossoming in timelapse, bursting open dramatically before settling in with a subtle shift of their stamens. Motions like these are driven by the flow of fluids inside the plant. By shifting small concentrations of chemicals, plants drive the water in their cells via osmosis. This pumps up cells that cause the petals to spread and unfurl. (Video and image credit: T. Blanchard; via Colossal)

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