Psychedelic Cymatics


Cymatics are the visualization of vibration and sound. Here photographer Linden Gledhill has taken a simple speaker vibrating a dish of water and turned it into some incredible art. When you vibrate liquids like water up and down, it disturbs the usually flat air-water interface and creates waves on the surface. These Faraday waves are a standing wave pattern that differs depending on which sound is being played. By combining the wave patterns with LED lighting and strobe effects, Gledhill creates some remarkable images that combine sound, light, and fluid dynamics all in one. If you watch the video (make sure to hit the HD button!), you’ll see the patterns in motion and hear the sounds used to generate them. In the last clip (around 0:19), he’s added glitter to the set-up, which highlights the circulation within the vibrating fluid. As you can see, there are strong recirculating regions in each lobe of the pattern, but other areas, like the center region are almost entirely stationary. You can see more photos from the project in his Flickr feed. Special thanks to Linden for letting me post the video of his work, too! (Video and image cred

its and submission: L. Gledhill)

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