Fluids Round-Up

Fluids Round-Up

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Time for another fluids round-up! Here’s some of the best fluid dynamics from around the web:

– Band Ok Go filmed their latest music video in microgravity, complete with floating, splattering fluids. Here they describe how they did it. Rhett Allain also provides a write-up on the physics.

– Scientists are trying to measure the impact of airliners’ contrails on climate change. (pdf; via @KyungMSong)

– Researchers observing the strange moving hills on Pluto suspect they may, in fact, be icebergs.

– The best angle for skipping a rock is 20-degrees. Related: elastic spheres skip well even at higher angles. (via @JenLucPiquant)

– Fluid dynamics and acoustics have some fascinating overlaps. Be sure to check out “The World Through Sound” series at Acoustics Today, written by Andrew “Pi” Pyzdek, who also writes one of my favorite science blogs.

– Over at the Toast, Mallory Ortberg explores the poetry of the Beaufort wind scale.

Could dark matter be a superfluid? (via @JenLucPiquant)

– Understanding the physics of the perfect pancake is helping doctors treat glaucoma. (submitted by Maria-Isabel)

– Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” shows swirling skies, but just how turbulent are they? (submitted by @NathanMechEng)

– The physics (and fluid dynamics!) of throwing a football – what’s the best angle for a maximum distance throw? (submitted by @rjallain)

(Video credit: Ok Go)

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