Viscoelastic Jets

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Unlike Newtonian fluids, such as air and water, viscoelastic fluids exhibit non-uniform reactions to deformation. In this video, researchers explore the effects of this behavior when a liquid jet falls into another fluid. When fluids move past one another at different speeds in this manner, there is a shearing force which often leads to the wave-like Kelvin-Helmholtz instability between the fluids. Here we see for a variety of wavelengths how the breakdown of a Newtonian and viscoelastic jet differ. The Newtonian jets form clean lines and complicated tulip-like shapes, but the viscoelasticity of the non-Newtonian jets inhibits the growth of these instabilities, surrounding the central jet with wisps of escaping fluid. For more, see Keshavarz and McKinley. (Video credit: B. Keshavarz and G. McKinley)

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