The Best of FYFD 2018

2018 was a busy year for me with over 40 days of business travel, 10 invited talks, and a whole slew of new YouTube videos on top of regular FYFD posts. But now it’s time for the traditional look back at the top 10 FYFD posts of 2018, according to you:

1. Swimming so easy a dead fish can do it
2. The wall of lava lamps that helps secure the Internet
3. Jellyfish versus vortex ring
4. Crushing crayons in a hydraulic press shows off the sharkskin instability
5. Vortex ring from an exploding meteor
6. Starburst patterns form when avalanching materials size separate 
7. Kelp change shape depending on their currents
8. The creepy hydraulics of a spider’s gait
9. Pneumatically-driven, 3D-printed plants of the future
10. Exothermic chemistry visualized in infrared

This year’s list is an interesting mix – some biology, vortex rings, non-Newtonian and granular physics; it’s a good list for some of the more unexpected sides of fluid dynamics. 

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(Image credits: fish – D. Beal et al.; lava lamps – T. Scott; vortex ring – V. de Valles; crayons – Hydraulic Press Channel; meteor – P. Horálek; rotating drum – I. Zuriguel et al.; kelp – J. Hildering; spider – R. Miller; hydrophytes – N. Hone; chemistry – Beauty of Science)

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