Fluids Round-Up

Fluids Round-up

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Here’s to another fluids round-up, our look at some of the interesting fluids-related stories around the web:

– Above is a music video by Roman Hill that relies on mixing and merging different fluids and perturbing ferrofluids for its visuals as it re-imagines the genesis of life.

– GoPro takes viewers inside a Category 5 typhoon with 112 mph (180 kph; 50 m/s) winds.

– Astronaut Scott Kelly demonstrates playing ping pong with a ball of water in space. (via Gizmodo)

– See fluid dynamics on a global scale with Glittering Blue. (via The Atlantic)

– To make a taller siphon, you have to find a way to avoid cavitation.

– Speaking of siphons, Randall Munroe tackles the question of siphoning water from Europa over at What If? (submitted by jshoer)

– The Mythbusters make a giant tanker implode using air pressure.

– Sixty Symbols explores how tiny things swim.

– What happens when you bathe in 500 pounds of putty? Let’s just say that bathing in an extremely viscous non-Newtonian fluid is not recommended. (via Gizmodo)

(Video credit and submission: R. Hill et al.)

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