Foam Collapse

Introduce the right additive and the bubble arrays in foam will collapse catastrophically. What you see above is high-speed video of a quasi-two-dimensional soap bubble foam collapsing. There are two main mechanisms in the collapse. The first is a propagating mode. When one section of the film breaks, a stream of liquid from the broken film can impact an adjacent section, causing it to break as well. This accounts for much of the breakage you see above.

The second mode is through penetration by droplets. Watch carefully, and you’ll see that some of the breaking films generate tiny droplets which can fly through the wall of the next cell and impact against the far side. With the right conditions, that impact can trigger a new break along a non-adjacent film. Together, these two mechanisms can destroy foam in the blink of an eye. (Image and research credit: N. Yanagisawa and R. Kurita)

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