“Winter’s Magic”

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Don Komarechka’s beautiful short film, “Winter’s Magic,” captures the beauty of soap bubbles as they freeze. It’s a delicate process and one difficult to capture in video. The bubble freezes first at the bottom, where it touches the cold surface – in this case, snow. That freezing releases latent heat and creates a temperature gradient along the thin liquid film. With that temperature gradient comes a variation in surface tension, and it’s this that creates the flow that lifts the ice crystals from the surface and turns the bubble into a snow globe. Eventually, as the frozen crystals continue growing, flow in the bubble walls comes to halt as the film solidifies.

For more on the physics of freezing bubbles, check out this interview with the researchers, or, to learn more on how to film freezing bubbles, check out Komarechka’s description. (Video and image credit: D. Komarechka; via Laughing Squid; h/t to Jennifer O.)

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