Making Champagne for Space

Humanity’s ongoing quest to enjoy beloved beverages in space has a new entry: champagne. French champagne maker Mumm has announced a new line with specially designed bottles to dispense champagne in microgravity. The bottles feature an internal piston that allows users to release the contents from the bottle in a controlled manner. Rather than pouring the champagne, one dispenses a blob which can then be caught in the special cups that go with it. They’re shaped somewhat like a miniature coupe. 

It certainly looks like a fun way to celebrate in microgravity, although it’s unclear to me that they’ve tested the after effects of consumption. Historically, astronauts have avoided carbonated beverages in orbit because the lack of gravity can cause unpleasant side effects with all those bubbles. (Image credits: Mumm Champagne, source; via Wired)

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