“Liquid Calligraphy”

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In “Liquid Calligraphy,” artist Rus Khasanov’s letters dissolve once he draws them. At first, the white ink spreads in narrow fingers, probably driven by a combination of surface tension gradients, capillary action, and simple diffusion. But then, in flashes, the letters morph faster and flow outward. My best guess is that each jump is a spray from a bottle full of a low surface tension liquid like alcohol. The spray triggers faster outflows than before, like those seen when a strong difference in surface tension activates the Marangoni effect. It’s a beautiful and different artistic take on these important fluid forces. Check out more of his videos here or enjoy high-resolution stills and wallpapers in this style from his Behance page. (Image and video credit: R. Khasanov; submitted by TBBQoC)

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