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Water Walking, Exploding Droplets, and Colliding Vortices

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Every year I look forward to the APS DFD conference in November. It brings thousands of researchers together to share the latest in fluid dynamics. So much goes on in those three days that it’s impossible to capture, but last year I teamed up with Tom Crawford and the Journal of Fluid Mechanics to attempt just that. We interviewed 50 researchers on their projects, and we’ll be bringing you their work, in their words, each month leading up to the 2018 APS DFD meeting.

This first video focuses on some of the awesome entries to the 2017 Gallery of Fluid Motion. Watch to learn about oil droplets that go flying everywhere when you’re cooking, balls that walk on water, the water music of Vanuatu and more! To see the videos we discuss and all the other entries, go to gfm.aps.org. (Video credit: N. Sharp and T. Crawford)

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