Fluids Round-Up

Fluids Round-Up

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Time for another fluids round-up! Here are some of the best fluids-related links I’ve seen around:

– Above The Brain Scoop tells us about beetles that spend their whole lives underwater. They carry a little bubble of air with them in order to breathe!

– Microfluidics are helping reveal how cancer cells metastasize and spread through the bloodstream.

– It’s official! NASA’s going to build X-planes again.

– See how snake venom kills by changing the fluid properties of a victim’s blood. (via Gizmodo)

Metallic foams can stop bullets and radiation, spawning many potential future uses here on Earth or in space.

Why nature prefers hexagons, especially in honeycomb, bubbles, and foam.

– Earth has beautiful auroras, but if you could look at Jupiter with x-ray vision, you’d see something even more spectacular – a non-stop aurora that brightens on a regular schedule.

SciShow asks where the water goes in Minnesota’s Devil’s Kettle Falls. Conservation of mass says it has to go somewhere!

And, in case you missed it, you can check out the latest FYFD video and learn more about the Brazil Nut effect over at Gizmodo.

(Video credit: The Brain Scoop)

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