Recreating the Rings of Power Opening

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Everyone loves a good title sequence, especially when they feature neat visuals. Many who watched “The Rings of Power” zeroed in immediately on their use of cymatics — visuals born from the vibrations of sound. In the video above, Steve Mould delves into the physics behind cymatics and recreates patterns similar to those in the show’s opening, which was a mixture of CGI and live action.

For Tolkien fans, the opening sequence holds additional layers of meaning; in Tolkien’s mythology, the universe is born from song, and many of the patterns shown in the opening — the two trees, Fëanor’s star, and the Silmarils themselves — are drawn directly from Tolkien’s myths. In a way, the opening sequence tells the story of the creation of Arda and the rise of Sauron’s predecessor, Melkor/Morgoth, and all the events that led to the show itself. It’s incredibly cool, both from a physics perspective and a literary one. (Image and video credit: S. Mould)

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