1500 Posts!

This is FYFD’s 1500th post! Can you believe it? Fifteen hundred posts is a heck of a lot of fluid dynamics. I’ve covered everything from the teeny tiniest scales to the astronomically huge, from events that happen in the blink of an eye to ones that require decades of patience. Today I encourage you to check out the archives whether by scrolling the visual archive, digging in by keyword, or by clicking here for something random.

Whether you’ve been here for 1 post or for all 1500, thank you! And special thanks, of course, to my Patreon patrons. If you’re a fan and want to help FYFD keep flowing and growing, please consider becoming a patron, too. (There’s cool perks available.) Here’s to the next 1500 posts!

P.S. Big thanks also to Randy Ewoldt and his lab for their fantastic viscoelastic FYFD timelapse. Isn’t it awesome?! (Image credits: N. Sharp – top image, Ewoldt Research Group – bottom image)

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