Spinning Liquids With Lego

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One way to explore the effects of spinning liquids at high-speeds is to build an expensive and precise lab apparatus. Another method is to raid the Lego bin. Here, a YouTuber builds ever-more-elaborate Lego constructions to spin a sphere of water. He begins with a relatively straightforward magnetic stirrer that creates a bathtub vortex in his sphere, but as the set-up grows, he eventually encases the sphere to spin the entire thing at high-speed. It’s a cool way to see how spinning liquids react, from forming a vortex to spin coating the interior of the sphere and to generating a parabolic interface between air and liquid. Set-ups like these are not merely for fun, though; scientists use them to simulate the interiors of planets. (Image and video credit: Brick Technology; submitted by clogwog)

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