Culinary Fluid Dynamics

Whipped cream, a foam, clings to a whisk.

I’ve long been a fan of exploring fluid dynamics from my own kitchen, and I’m far from the only one. One of the pioneers of interfacial physics developed most of her science in her kitchen! Whether you’re cooking, baking, frying, searing a steak, mixing a cocktail, preparing coffee, or simply dunking a cookie, chances are you’ve got some serious fluid dynamics going on. And now there’s a rather comprehensive review paper covering the intersection of food and fluid physics. It’s freely available on arXiv and written for more than just physicists — it’s even structured like a menu! — so check it out. (Image credit: steam – Z. Lezniewicz, coffee drip – N. Dumlao, whipped cream – T. Gak, cocktails – G. Yerden, crepe chef – C. Urrutia; research credit: A. Mathijssen et al.; submitted by multiple readers)

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