Happy 2000 Posts!

Happy Friday and happy 2000th FYFD post! To celebrate, I played with surface tension and the Marangoni effect to make some art. For a run-down on the physics, check out this previous post on water calligraphy. Two thousand posts feels like a major milestone. Not everyone realizes this, but FYFD is a one-woman operation, so 2000 posts is a whole lot of research, image editing, and writing. For fun, I’m including here eight completely random FYFD entries, representing less than one-half of one percent of my total archives:  

1. Why did Chinese junks put holes in their rudders?
2. Making droplets in an ultrasonic humidifier
3. Floating on a granular raft
4. Air-trapping fur keeps otters warm
5. The physics of the knuckleball
6. What makes badminton so fast?
7. Playing with fluorescein
8. How frost forms

Want to keep up the random walk? Use to find random entries, or if you prefer your browsing to be more directed, check out the visual archive or the themed series page

As always, a special thanks to those who help support FYFD through Patreon subscriptions – I couldn’t keep writing and making videos without your help! And thank you to all of you who read and share FYFD. Whether you’ve been following along for a week or for the last eight years, your enthusiasm keeps me motivated! Thank you!

(Image credits: 2k animation – N. Sharp; Chinese junk ship – Premier Ship Models; ultrasonic humidifier – S. J. Kim et al.; granular raft –  E. Jambon-Puillet and S. Protiere; 3D-printed “fur” – F. Frankel; knuckleball – L. Kang; shuttlecock – Science Friday; fluorescein – Shanks FX; freezing droplets – J. Boreyko et al.)

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