Coffee-Making in Space

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In this video, Kjell Lindgren demonstrates his technique for making coffee aboard the Space Station. Astronauts usually drink coffee reconstituted from powder, or, on special occasions, enjoy a beverage from their special espresso machine. But Lindgren uses a pour-over method by attaching a pod of coffee grounds to the underside of a Capillary Beverage Experiment cup – a specially-designed 3D printed cup that uses capillary action and surface tension to guide fluids. Then, by forcing hot water from a syringe through the grounds and into the cup, he gets a result that’s not too different from the way many people enjoy their coffee here on Earth. I must say, though, that my favorite part of this video is how he just starts spinning to separate the air and water in the syringe! (Video credit: NASA; via IRPI LLC)

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