Happy 5th, FYFD!

FYFD is 5 years old! Hard to believe it’s been five whole years. Thank you to everyone who has helped along the way, especially those of you who produce, submit, and share such beautiful fluid dynamics.

Thanks also to everyone who is participating in our reader survey. We’re getting a lot of great feedback. If you haven’t taken it yet, there’s still time!

And, finally, in honor of five years of FYFD, I present you with the five most popular FYFD posts of all time:

1. Swimming through surface tension – Originally posted 7 Feb 2013
2. Bioluminescence as a defense mechanism – Originally posted 4 Sep 2014
3. Liquid mushroom – Originally posted 19 Feb 2013
4. Dancing droplets – Originally posted 30 Mar 2015
5. Stepping on lava – Originally posted 19 Dec 2014

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