Fluids Round-Up

Fluids Round-up – 2 November 2013


Fluids round-up time! Here are your latest links:

While not strictly fluid dynamical, I want to take a moment to talk about education. I receive a lot of stunned reactions and self-deprecation when people learn I study aerospace engineering. Many people say, “Oh, I could never do that!” or “You must be some kind of genius.” I’m not. It’s true that studying engineering and fluid dynamics involves a lot of math and some it is complex (no pun intended). There’s a lot of unfounded fear about science and math in our society, when really they are just skills that any of us can improve with practice and effort. So, for those out there who have ever thought, “I can’t do that, there’s too much math,” please watch this young woman address mathphobia. She sums up just about everything I’ve always wanted to tell you.
(Photo credit: Argonne National Laboratory)
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