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tl;dr version: FYFD is launching a Patreon campaign. If you enjoy FYFD and want to help support its continued growth, please become a patron today!

And the longer version: At the start of the year, I hinted that there were big things ahead for FYFD. Today’s announcement is part of that. In the past five years, FYFD has grown beyond my wildest dreams. I’m so excited, grateful, and happy to share my love for science with all of you. As FYFD’s audience has grown, so have my plans and dreams for expanding the site and what it does. I want to bring you more: videos that take you behind-the-scenes to see the scientific process firsthand, interviews that let you meet the people behind the work, and articles that explore new and exciting fluid phenomena.

All of the research, filming, writing, and editing necessary to bring those dreams to life takes time and money. I can provide the first: from now on, I’ll be dedicating my full-time attention to FYFD. But I need your help and support to make this possible. That’s why I’m launching a campaign on Patreon. If you enjoy FYFD and want to help it continue and grow, please consider becoming a patron. Your monthly support will enable me to dedicate my full energy to FYFD and will provide funding for materials, equipment, and travel so that I can bring the science back to you.

There are also some pretty cool rewards available to patrons! All patrons will have access to a patrons-only activity feed where I post behind-the-scenes content and extras like video outtakes. It’s also a place where I’ll look for feedback on new ideas. Think of it as an extra dose of FYFD. Other rewards include getting your name added to the FYFD supporter page, getting a handwritten postcard from me, and access to a monthly webcast where I’ll chat with guest scientists and patrons. (I’m really excited about that last one!)

Whether you become a patron or not, I want to thank you for your support. None of those would be possible without you and your enthusiasm. As always, the best thing you can do to support FYFD is to tell others how much you like it. Thank you!

If you have any questions, I’ll be online all day. You can reach me via Tumblr, Twitter, or email.

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