Thank You!

I have the best readers in the world. Seriously, everyone one of you is amazing. In less than 23 hours, you have blown past the goal I set. I will be going to the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics meeting thanks to you. THANK YOU!

For those of you reading who will be at APS, I plan to do my utmost to be available to grab a coffee between sessions, hang out, discuss research, talk outreach, go out to dinner – whatever! For those of you who won’t be there, I want to share as much of the experience as possible with you through social media. Prepare to be inundated at the end of the November. Without all of you, I wouldn’t be at APS, and I’d like everyone who contributed to have a chance to enjoy the experience.

Per IndieGoGo’s terms, the campaign will remain open until its October 11th deadline. Any contributions I receive above and beyond my APS costs, I plan to set aside for improvements to FYFD. The reader survey indicated lots of you would like me to make my own videos, and I aim to. Extra funds will first go toward equipment for that purpose.

Thank you again to each and every one of you, whether you contributed your money or helped spread the word. I appreciate everything you’ve done for me and will continue striving to bring the best of fluid dynamics to FYFD every weekday. Thank you all!

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