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Reader Question: The Flash

Reader pavlovs-dogs asks:

About your running on water post, the show didn’t necessarily get it wrong when they said 1050kmph. You did not take into account that he was carrying another person. Adding another 60 kg or so. I can’t do the math right now, but I think that would come out fairly close to what they had

I’ve got a handy calculator right here and it says that even with an extra 60 kg of passenger, Flash doesn’t even have to break 180 kph. When you actually listen to their technobabble it’s pretty clear that they’re just making numbers up. Cisco claims that, given Barry’s weight, he’d need to produce 450 pounds of force per step to stay on top of the water – that only makes sense if Barry weighed 450 pounds!

I think what they wanted was motivation for Barry to have to run faster, preferably at a speed that seems believable for outrunning the blast wave after his passenger detonates.

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