Flow Over an AT-AT

Research poster showing flow around an AT-AT in crosswinds like those on Hoth.

Having previously examined the re-entry characteristics of an X-Wing, a group of engineers are back to look at Imperial vehicle physics. In this poster, they look at what happens to the AT-AT walker when strong crosswinds, like those seen in the Battle of Hoth, blow across the vehicle’s path. Given its boxy body and gangly legs, it will come as no surprise that the AT-AT is not at all streamlined and instead causes lots of separated flow. Those flow separations come with strong side forces that can tip the walkers.

Be sure to take a closer look at the text on the poster. It’s written from the perspective of Imperial engineers, complete with recommendations for the next generation of AT-AT. (I don’t think those got built, at least not by the Empire!) May the 4th be with you! (Image credit: Y. Yuan et al.)

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