The Best of FYFD 2022

Here a 3D-printed cutaway version of the assassin's teapot shows how it works.

In keeping with our annual tradition, here’s a look back at the most popular posts of 2022:

  1. The Assassin’s Teapot can pour two different liquids from the same spout
  2. The Florida Keys formed from fossilized coral reefs and sandbars
  3. Take a look inside a gas pump’s nozzle
  4. Hot chocolate hides a strange acoustic effect
  5. Under strong electric fields, liquid bridges form
  6. Growing fractal fluids
  7. A peek inside a coronavirus aerosol
  8. Wind-powered Strandbeests wander the beaches
  9. Tongan volcano sends shocks around the world
  10. Why do tea leaves swirl up in the middle of a stirred mug?

Lots of beverage-inspired posts this time around! It’s a good reminder that there’s always interesting science around us all the time. Also, a special shout out to Steve Mould, whose videos appear in three of the top ten posts of the year – wow! Congrats, Steve!

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(Image credits: teapot – S. Mould, Florida Keys – L. Dauphin/USGS, gas pump – S. Mould, hot chocolate – C. Kalelkar, liquid bridge – X. Pan et al., fractal fluids – R. Camassa et al., coronavirus – R. Amaro et al., strandbeests – T. Jansen, shocks – S. Doran/Himawari 8, tea leaves – S. Mould)

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