“Art of Paint”

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Filmmaker Roman De Giuli is always coming up with spectacular and visually fascinating new ways to manipulate ink and other liquids. In “Art of Paint,” he applies thin layers atop a custom plate that can be tilted in any direction. The results sometimes resemble acrylic paint pours, sometimes Marangoni flows, and sometimes look more like salt fingers or Rayleigh-Taylor instabilities. The extreme variety of forms is quite unique among these sorts of films and is well worth taking the time to view in fullscreen. (Image and video credit: R. De Giuli)

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  1. Caleigh Fisher

    Beautiful and informative.
    The only thing which hurts each time I watch such paint flows is knowing that these resources are being used up. Each ounce of paint left a scar somewhere. The blood of the earth extracted so that we can watch the beauty of our mother’s blood.

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