Luminous Fruits

Citrus Series #33

Light shines through citrus and melon in this photographic photorealistic series of paintings from artist Dennis Wojtkiewicz. The strong illumination reveals the underlying structure of pith, pulp, and juice. The deformable pockets of fluid in the peel of citrus fruits are the source of some incredible microjets. When the peel bends, it compresses these tiny fluid-filled pockets, creating incredibly high pressures that eventually drive a burst of oil at g-forces comparable to those felt by a bullet fired from a gun. Learn more about citrus jets here and see more of Wojtkiewicz’s work and purchase prints here on his site. (Image credit: D. Wojtkiewicz; via Colossal)

ETA: Thanks to A.J. for pointing out that Wojtkiewicz is, in fact, a painter (and not a photographer), making his work all the more astounding! We regret the error.

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