A Primer on Blood Pressure

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Some of the most important fluid dynamics goes on every moment inside our bodies. After only a few weeks of gestation, the human heart begins its lifelong task of pumping blood throughout tens of thousands of kilometers’ worth of blood vessels. One of our simplest methods for tracking the health of this critical system is a person’s blood pressure, which measures the forces exerted on our blood vessels as our hearts pump. This video gives a brief primer on blood pressure as well as some of the problems that arise when extended bouts of high blood pressure damage our blood vessels. (Image and video credit: TED-Ed)

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  1. Peter Luken

    It should also include blood clots in veins, or DVT and what causes them. I. E. condition of the blood, condition of the veins, and flow of the blood.
    For extra points; point out how blood pressure meds don’t adversely effect these.

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