A Year From Geostationary Orbit

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Our planet is a complex fluid dynamical system, and one of the best ways to watch nature at work is through timelapse. This short film takes us through an entire year, from December 2015 to December 2016, as viewed from a geostationary weather satellite centered over Oceania.

The imagery is rather hypnotic, with clouds swirling day and night across the full field of view. Watch closely, though, and you’ll see a lot of neat phenomena from typhoons forming in the Pacific to wave clouds streaming from the islands of Japan. You can also see clouds blossoming (especially during the day) over the humid rainforests of Oceania.

There are neat non-fluids phenomena, too, like a total solar eclipse and the permanent sunlight of Arctic and Antarctic summers. What do you notice? (Image and video credit: F. Dierich)

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