The World in a Droplet

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Capturing refracted images in a droplet is a popular pastime among high-speed photographers, and in this solo Slow Mo Guy outing, we get to see that process in video. Physically, the subject is a simple drop of water, which on impact with a pool, rebounds into a Worthington jet and ejects one or more droplets from its tip. Despite hundreds of years of study, it’s still a joy to watch, especially at 12,000 frames per second.

It’s also not the easiest image to capture, and one thing I rather enjoy about this video is how it gives you a sense of the trial and error involved in capturing just the right view. Even without having to worry about the timing issues, there is a lot of fiddling with lenses, focus, lights, and positioning — something familiar not just to photographers and videographers but to many researchers as well! (Image and video credit: The Slow Mo Guys)

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