Calimero’s Uprising!

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Here on FYFD posts often focus on research results, with animations and images showing only a tiny portion of the apparatus necessary to conduct that work. But in this timelapse, we get to see a glimpse of what it takes to make the research happen. The video covers a 12-week period in which student Sietze Oostveen sets up, modifies, and takes measurements with a rotating tank apparatus called Calimero. 

The video captions give you a sense of all the little tasks that go into experimental work, from installing thermal control and measurement systems (in this case, laser Doppler velocimetry, or LDV) to making sure that the rotating table is balanced correctly. In experimental work, it’s worth remembering that you’ll likely spend as much or more time preparing to take data than you will actually doing measurements! (Video credit: S. Oostveen/UCLA Spinlab)

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