Fire Tornado in a Bubble

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File this one under awesome tricks you shouldn’t try at home. Here bubble artist Dustin Skye demonstrates his handheld inverted fire tornado. First, he blows a large encapsulating bubble, then blows butane and smoke into a smaller secondary bubble. When he breaks the wall between the two, the mixture swirls into the larger bubble. Then, by breaking a narrow hole into the remaining bubble, Skye forms a swirling tornado. He’s using conservation of angular momentum here to concentrate the vorticity he created by blowing into the original butane bubble. As the big bubble shrinks, the vorticity inside gets pulled inward and speeds up – like when a spinning ice skater pulls his arms in. That’s how you get the tornado. And from there, it’s just a matter of lighting the exiting butane and air mixture. (Video credit: D. Skye; via Gizmodo)

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