Ferrofluid Microlandscapes

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Ferrofluids are an ever-fascinating topic. Consisting of ferromagnetic nanoparticles suspended in a carrier fluid, ferrofluids are known for their bizarre behaviors in the presence of a magnetic field, like their tendency to form pointed peaks reminiscent of Bart Simpson’s hair. In a new Concept Zero video, photographer Linden Gledhill creates fascinating micro-landscapes using ferrofluids suspended in solvents. Driven by magnetic fields, the ferrofluids take on many shapes that change as the solvent and eventually the ferrofluid’s carrier fluid evaporate. Check out the full video above and, if you’re looking for some new decorations for your walls, you can check out the project’s fine art gallery.   (Video and image credit: L. Gledhill and Concept Zero; submitted by L. Gledhill)

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