When Vortices Collide

In a new ad campaign for paint manufacturer Sherwin-Williams, the production team at Psyop show off some awesome fluid dynamics by swirling and injecting paint underwater. You can see one sequence above, where red and blue paint vortex rings collide head-on before breaking down into a purple turbulent cloud. (What a great way to demonstrate the mixing power of turbulence, right?) Here’s the full 30-second ad clip. Impressively, everything in the video is a practical effect, even the segment that flies past multicolored turbulent plumes. You can see how they filmed everything in their behind-the-scenes featurette below. In the meantime, enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of real-world physics and check out FYFD’s “fluids as art” tag for more examples. (Image and video credit: Psyop for Sherwin-Williams; submitted by Alan B.)

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