The Free Surface of a Typhoon

Gazing across the top of of Typhoon Maysak highlights the three-dimensionality of the storm. Like a swirling vortex seen in a bathtub, hurricanes are a kind of free surface vortex with a surface indentation near their eye. To understand this shape, imagine spinning a container of water on a rotating plate. Like the vortex, the water’s surface would take on a parabolic shape. The two forces acting on the rotating water are gravity in the downward direction and centrifugal force in the radial direction. By taking on a parabolic shape, the fluid remains perpendicular to the combination of these two forces at every point along the surface, thereby ensuring that pressure is a constant across the free surface of the fluid. (Image credits: S. Cristoferreti/ESA/NASA; T. Virts/NASA)

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