“Courants et Couleurs”

Although flow visualization is a scientific technique, there is very much an art to it. Flow structures are, by their nature, ephemeral. To capture them, one must design an experiment that introduces dye into regions of interest without altering the flow significantly and without either ignoring or obscuring important physics. One of the great masters of this scientific art was Henri Werlé, whose extensive flow visualization work at France’s national aerospace lab is documented in the short film above. The film includes examples of simple geometries, full aircraft models, subsonic flow, shock waves, and more. eFluids has a whole gallery of Werlé images, too. Take a few minutes to enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of these experiments and appreciate the talents of those who made them possible. If you have questions about specific clips, feel free to ask! (Video credit: H. Werlé/ONERA; via J. Hertzberg)

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