Oceanic Swirls

Mixing of surface waters with deeper ocean currents brings together the minerals and nutrients used by phytoplankton, resulting in gorgeous swirls of color in the ocean.  These phytoplankton blooms are most common in the spring and summer, and while lovely, can be harmful to other marine life, either through the production of toxins or by depleting the waters of oxygen. Because the phytoplankton move according to the wind and waves, they can also form a sort of natural flow visualization. (Photo credit: ESA)


While FYFD is not blacking out for SOPA/PIPA, we would like to take a moment to register our protest and encourage those of you who are Americans to take a moment to let Congress know that you don’t approve of these bills.  Although we agree that protection of copyright holders rights is important, the measures proposed in these bills reach far beyond that line.  FYFD, as a site that reposts photos and videos primarily created by others, could be taken down as a result of these bills, despite the purpose of the website as a tool for educational outreach and dissemination of science. Please support a free and uncensored Internet!

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